Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Year of Lipstick

This blog post is coming to you live from: my dorm room.
The proof you crave. I just thought I would include this picture. I thought it was funny.

This post is entitled "Year of Lipstick" for many reasons. First and foremost the title represents an activity I am committed to and thus learning how to be committed to other things in my life, but more on that later.

My best friend Courtney can be seen at many fancy events wearing a classy shade of lipstick. In the true fashion of friendship, I promptly copied her idea and went and bought myself some lipstick at my local Wal-Mart. Naturally I chose the cheapest lipstick and wound up with a tube of Wet-and-Wild brand lipstick. It is a great color, but cheap as it is, my lips look like the dry Sahara desert if I don't but a little chap-stick underneath. Ladies, a word of advice, don't skimp on the limp, and by that I don't know what I mean. I'm a sucker for a rhyme. JUST DON'T BY CHEAP LIPSTICK AND YOUR LIPS WILL THANK YOU.
Moving on. I bought myself some lipstick for the fancy occasions in my life, but every time I wore it out I found myself getting more attention (mainly from the ladies but a compliment is a compliment). In turn, the lipstick gave me more confidence. It made me feel prettier, so I kept wearing it. People like me better when I wear the lipstick! Soon I began to use the phrase "year of lipstick," proclaiming to all that this current school year I would wear lipstick everyday, and so far, I have done fairly well. I committed to the lip color and soon twisted my fun and mostly shallow statement into a deep and profound ( I mean I am trying to be profound at least) metaphor for my life.
I am stating that if I can commit to wearing lipstick everyday and making that small decision in my life, other things that I need to commit to will also fall in line. If I can stay committed to a small thing, that small thing will manifest itself into bigger things and my life will explode into one that is truly committed to important things. Such as:
1. My Faith and the constant pursuit of a renewed mind
2. A significant other (but where oh where can he be?)
3. My school work that is the foundation to the rest of my goals in life
4. My friendships and the intentionality I want to have with all of them
5. My year of transformation
The list can go on and on. 

These are my freshly colored lips.

Here the lipstick can be seen at a fancy event. Doesn't my good friend Kaitlyn look so beautiful?

This year I will daily continue to transform myself and let God mold me. I will not get discouraged because as Ephesians 1:8 says, "he has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding."
So what reason do I have to not love this life that I have been given. 

Wear lipstick, feel better about yourself, and stay committed!
K. Jack