Friday, December 24, 2010

Just a Couple of Friends...

This post is coming to you live from Jonesboro, AR on my cozy futon-insead-of-bed.
This is also proof that I shower, or at least it appears that way.

Six days ago was my birthday and tomorrow is Christmas, so Merry Christmas to all of my readers out there. I hope you are feeling the shopping rush, the traffic jams, and the stench of our stimulated economy. 
I have recently developed a love for over simplifying every situation of my life. For example: I am playing poker with five other friends, and I find it necessary to frequently define the action I am doing while doing it. Between hands I exclaim, "You know, we are just a couple of friends playing a game of poker. You know, not a big deal, just a couple of friends." I always crack myself up, and on average probably say that same, or similar, stream of words 50-60 times throughout the game. Primarily between each hand. This over simplification is not exclusive to poker. It can be used for anything. Say you are driving down the road, you could say: "I'm just a single person driving down this road. Not a big deal, just me and the road I am driving down." It can be quite enjoyable.

Just a couple of friends, playing poker, not a big deal.
Just a couple of girls, taking care of their skin. A common sight.
Literally several friends, at a cabin, just taking a picture.
Because I have wasted so much space with other things here is a simple recap of my Christmas break thus far:
It was my birthday and I danced into it, celebrated with a few friends the next day, went to a family Christmas thing, then headed out of town to my grandfathers cabin where we all had a glorious time because it is the most wonderful place on this Earth. Since the cabin I have simply played some poker with friends and blogged. As always, thank you for reading.

K. Jack

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Make It Rain

This blog is coming to you live from Chem is Try (Blog is Try)
here is the proof. I stay rolling out of that bed.
Why are we even in class today? We are reviewing for the final, but I mean....we studied 10 chapters, how good is a review going to be? I'm just being bitter because I'm so sleepy.

This past week has been relatively great. Lots of Chemistry. Last night my dorm had pizza/cookie party thing and I attended. It's always great to get free things. So I was just enjoying myself and then all these people were trying to get me to sing. I was all, "hey why can't you just let me enjoy this party," and they were all, "no we just want to hear the voice of an angel." So I mean they pulled the angel card and I had to entertain. I had several options. Do I sing a ballad, a foreign piece, something upbeat and fun? All of those things are great but when faced with adversity, I will ALWAYS free style rap. Thats what I did. I just brought myself back to my days on the street and rapped like my life depended on it. When I came back to reality all these ladies were around me, cheering, crying, touched and moved. I threw some tissues that I had conveniently placed in my pockets and made it rain with the sweet gift of absorbency. 

I have also spent a lot of time in the library with some really great people.

Look at them. I love them.
I feel like God brought them in my life to make sure they don't die in college or something because they are little baby broskis that need someone looking out for them. There are a few other little baby bros that I feel this way about as well.
K. Jack