Monday, November 29, 2010


This blog is coming to you live from Chem is Try, on a loaner laptop. Not my own!
I should just call this class Blog is Try. All I do is blog.
Today is the Monday post Thanksgiving break. I won't hold you in suspense any break was off the chain. It was so wonderful to see my friends and be reunited with some of the most wonderful people that God ever made. 
We didn't do much. The most "epic" thing done was participating in the materialistic American holiday that is BLACK FRIDAY.

A few of my friends and I arrived at Target in Jonesboro at 12:00 am and stayed until the doors of Target opened at 4:00 am. Other than my friend Chad, we had no plans to purchase anything. We don't have any money so that really hinders the process of participating in the point of the event. Nevertheless, this past black friday marks the second year of our growing tradition.
Here is a photo of the event. 
There were more than the four of us throughout the night and we thought Katie (the one in the blue) would stick it out with us, but being the flaky flake she is, she left at about 3:00 am. 
Let's think about black friday for a second. It is a day where Americans loose sleep in order to purchase things. My friend Chad made me think about something. What if you tried to explain the concept of black friday to a person in a third world country. "Oh yeah, it is a day where you get up early in order to get some really awesome sales, spend a couple hundred dollars, and stay up all night." What? First of all they probably would not know what a "sale" was. The concept of hundreds of dollars would most likely be quite foreign and staying up all night is not necessarily foreign, but it just kind of adds to the idiocy of it all. Further than that, what if you tried to explain the concept of an appetizer to a starving person in a third world country. "Um, an appetizer isn't the food, it's the food you eat before the food....It's not really a part of the's just before..." Talk about mind blowing. Our culture is ridiculous! We have so much!
I was also taken hostage, exhausted, lazy, and faced with a strange Ukrainian man all during the break. Only two weeks until Christmas break.
K. Jack

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This post is coming to you live from the Garvey center.
as always, here is the proof.
Although, I really could be anywhere. All you see is a blank wall behind me so I will just let you all wonder about that. Also, I no longer have only 12 apostles/followers. You readers really stepped up!
I am writing this blog today to tell you about my accompanist Miho.
She is asian, precious, and beyond talented. I don't know why but I am just enamored by her. She has to accompany me while I sing and she NEVER misses a beat. I miss ALL beats, yet she keeps up brilliantly not thinking twice about it. I know that is what she went to school for but, come on! She is brilliant. I hope she doesn't know I have a blog, or she will be really creeped out by this, but then again look at the blogs name. So last night I thought I would give facebook a try and see if she had a page, and guess what...She did!! Her photo is now the background of my phone. Just so you know who I speak of here is a picture.

That is her husband with her. 
Reading her page, I discovered just how amazing she is. She teaches piano privately, as does her husband, and she specializes in teaching music to developmentally challenged adults who enjoy music. She is fantastic. Her and her husband play the piano together and call themselves "DuoFisher." Check the link out if you want to see them do there thing. 

Well thats all I have for now. I love Miho.
K. Jack

Monday, November 8, 2010


This blog is coming to you live from All About Cha.
It is a distinctly asian coffee place. I am enjoying a green tea latte here in this photo. In front of me currently is this guy and girl maybe on a date. I can't really tell. Maybe they are pretending to be friends and ignoring their true feelings for one another. I would take a picture for you, but I am so close and they would definitely notice. The girl is laughing incessantly about the guys broken pinky or something. SUPER funny. This is how funny i think it is
So this past weekend was homecoming here at OC. I was surprisingly uninvolved. I suppose it was due to working with the musical (which was fantastic). I had grand plans of spending the weekend getting started on my 10 page research paper due Thursday, but guess who didn't do a diggity dang thing...this girl. No I take that back, I did homework, just did not do everything I probably could have done. Friday after the show myself and a few others went downtown to the OKC bombing memorial, and let me tell you, I love the bombing memorial. Here are some photos:
They are cuter than life.
I thought this photo (taken by yours truly) was kind of neat. 
So Saturday was consumed by a chorale performance and then some sleep and a bit of homework followed by another Millie performance and then a cast party. Sunday I woke up, did not attend church and slept until about noon. At that time I had to get up shower and go strike the Millie set and then I had a chorale performance at Edmond Church of Christ. So needless to say I was up until the wee hours of the morn' attempting to get all of my stuff done.
How are these people in front of my still having this conversation? It is so fluffy and devoid of any content. They are just swapping stories of breaking bones and others they know who have broken them. I mean, come on! I have not heard anything indicative of their respective views on life or maybe some important pressing matters. No exchange of thoughts or ideas, just mindless chatter. If I ever have a relationship it WILL NOT be fluffy. I will entertain my significant other with all kinds of thought provoking conversation. No, I will entertain everyone I speak to with intelligent conversation.
I'm also here downloading music because OC blocks it. Downloading now is
Dirty Projectors
The National
Bass Hunter
and some other stuff.
Keep it real my twelve followers (kind of like my 12 apostles)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black, Boredom, and Backstage.

This blog is coming live to you from none other than Chem is try!
here is the proof.
Neither Hannah Faye or Thomas Smith are here today in class, therefore I am virtually alone. You may ask, "Katelyn, are there no other students in your class?" Well clearly, as any random Joe could observe from my photo there are other people clearly displayed behind me, but the two absent today sit with me and entertain me/ give me something to entertain. I made a video of my self last night and wanted to show Hannah, but alas she is not here.
I am singing today in master class (a class that I have to take for my vocal scholarship in which I have to sing ever so often by myself in front of some peers) I will be performing Gia il Sole dal Gange. It is Italian if you didn't pick up on that accent. I wrote all that to transition into me telling you I had to dress up for the performance. I guess I got dressed in the dark, because this morning before class I went to the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I noticed that I did not have the slip I usually wear with this on and now the world will be seeing my black underwear. Great. I will be on stage in front of about 15 college students, 2 accompanists, and 1 voice teacher. So, I hope they like black.
I'm writing a research paper on the affects of the Quran on pagan Arabia. It's going terribly. I turned in my thesis and outline for my paper this past Friday and it didn't go over so well with my professor. Just pray I can whip out a decent paper. I have had several all-nighters trying to make some progress, but usually I just end the night looking like this:

I am working on costuming for OC's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Let me tell you, the cast is looking good. If you see the show and think, "Wow, how attractive is that cast," be sure to remember I took great care in dressing each and every one of them.

 Actually my purpose in the show is relatively superfluous, but I do have a few small tasks throughout the course of the show. In the meantime I sit in the wings of the stage contemplating whether or not I should put my hands in the air and shriek across the stage at a random point in the show. I haven't done it yet.
Thanks for reading.
K. Jack