Friday, February 25, 2011

Inside Out

This blog is coming to you live from the DAH. (Which I'm not sure what DAH stands for, but it is the building in which my next class is contained within.)
looking fly as ever.
So, what does it say about the rest of your day if you start it out by putting your underwear on inside out? I happen to be victim to inside out underwear at this very moment. However, my day has been moderately nice. I made it to class, finished an annotated bibliography, and am going to spend this night doing fun things. Speaking of annotations, my research partner for my bible science and human values class is my good friend Thomas Smith. He actually hates me a lot, but we worked on the bibliography together. The plan was for him to send me his half this morning around 9:00 am and I would piece it together. I finished my half last night and sent it to him for him to review, and unknown to me, he pieced the bibliography together and turned it in. So there I was about 10:00 am in Chem Is Try, with no bibliography from Thomas. I was freaking out. I sent him a series of about 20 hateful text messages. I tried to call, but to no avail because his phone was off. At about 11:00 am I receive a call from him saying he had turned it in and then I felt like the biggest jerk in the world. So I sent him a series of parallel text messages all centered on the theme of love because of his wonderful ability to be a team player in our study of genetic engineering. 
Now I will include some photos of some events from the past few days of my life.
This is my latest purchase. It serves as a schoolclothes/sleepclothes hybrid
It has been lovely weather (apart from the past week) here in the OKC and I have enjoyed some park time with my pals.

Look who I met. His house once made all of his families meals if you know what I mean.
Just wanted to provide a closer of image of my hybrid clothing.
Well, I guess that is all.
K. Jack

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This blog is coming to you live from MY HAMMOCK.
You know you like the proof.

It is February (as I am sure you have heard by now) and it is 72 degrees here in Edmond, Oklahoma. 72!!! As much as I do enjoy the cold, I love being able to regulate my temperature easily while outdoors, so here I am, hammocking.
Yesterday was the good old day of love, the day where it all goes down, the red day if you will. If you won't then it was Valentines Day. I must say, I was quite the wizard yesterday. By saying that I mean I was the wizard of love. So many people do not like the holiday because they are single or don't have anyone to "love" them. I think all of those negative feelings are crap. I DON'T HAVE ANYONE EITHER AND I LOVED MY LIFE YESTERDAY. I made all my little baby broskis a card and a small gift and for all the others I love I made some special valentines that look a lot like the following.

So there they are.
Mid-hammock my friend Josh McCoy came to visit.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Virgin Mary

This blog is coming to you live from the Branch household. Snow days are the best days.
here is the proof.
So I will preface the rest of my entry with informing all my readers of what I have been doing from approximately 10:00 pm Monday night until right at this very moment. I have been in the middle of a snowpocalypse and stuck inside of Lee Branches home. I know many of you were frantically looking for me and because all of the phone lines and roads are down, I have not been able to contact anyone. Luckily I have found some internet service and I would like to dissipate all of your fears. I, and the rest of my crew, are completely fine.

In other news, I found the virgin Mary in the community bathroom in my dorm. I was just showering one morning and there it was. I was freaking out, got on my knees and sent praises up to heaven because I clearly was on some sort of holy ground. Ok, maybe that was blasphemous, but seriously THE VIRGIN MARY WAS IN THE SHOWER WITH ME.
There she is.
So, if you want to come see her I am selling tickets for $10.00 a piece. Come, be blessed.
K. Jack