Monday, January 24, 2011

Cross Continental Love

This blog is coming to you live from my dorm room (for the third time in a row.)
That is potentially the worst picture of me in existence, but I have got to keep up the live photos you know what I mean?

So I just had a thought, or maybe we can even call it a realization, whatever-I had to write it down. Let me just preface this following statement by informing all of my readers that this is not a ploy for anything more than sheer enjoyment at the ridiculous nature of my "love life."
I put "love life" in quotations because it is something that floats above my reality, never actually becoming a part of it.
Anyhow, I have never really had guys "hit" on me. It's just something that I have been lucky enough to steer clear of. That statement, however comes with one exception. That exception is creepy Egyptian (well most of them are Egyptian) guys on Facebook. It's like I add one, I added all of them, and they all want me to come to Egypt and love them. Plausible? No. Desirable? Even less than the previous no. I just have not been censoring who I add as a friend as well as I should have, so now I get creepy comments and messages from people I don't even know. ( I had all of these screen shots of examples but I can't get them to load.) The strangest of all of the incidents happen on Facebook chat. I mean, why can't a normal species of the male persuasion approach me with words like "Hey, I saw you from across the room, and let me tell you girl, you have got it going on." How hard is that? I did get a Valentine tonight though. So there is that, yet this particular Valentine is more like a Friendtine.
Valentimes are the best times, I always say.
K. Jack

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Call me a Realist.

This blog is coming to you live from my dorm room.
I surprise myself at how attractive I can be.
If I was a toast giving kind of girl, I would give a toast to myself for writing another blog so close to my previous post. As it turns out, I'm not a toast giver.
Today I traveled to Tulsa to the Philbrook Museum. Let me tell you, I loved every second of it. There were VanGohs, Picassos, and original Madonnas. It was an old Italian style house filled with beautiful things and surrounded by beautiful things. I literally just walked in and and began weeping at all the beauty around me. The other patrons of the museum just stared and contemplated whether or not they should offer me help. I politely announced, however, that I was ok, just simply overwhelmed by all of the culture I was being bombarded with.
I mean, come on! (This is a madonna for my uncultured readers)

I returned from Tulsa to the Christian Choral Festival that was taking place on the campus of OC. I arrived in time to warm up with the OC chorale, which I am a part of. Now, I have a confession. When warming up with chorale, and various other choirs and sometimes in general life, I am instructed to do things I have no idea how to accomplish. For example, my friend Karissa warmed up our choir for our performance at the festival. She instructed us to pretend there were bees in our mouths and to hum as if such a situation was occurring.  Ok, fair enough, bees in my  mouth, no big deal. She then tells us to sing as if the bees were flying out of the back of our heads. Um, what? Everyone just acted like they knew what to do, so I went along with it. She then instructed us further to to sing as if the bees were flying out of our foreheads. I mean whatever, but I heard no difference in sound, nor did I sing any differently.

(this guy is doing anything but singing I assure you)

 Its like the same concept as imagining you are in your "happy place." That has never worked for me. I just always smile and nod and pretend I am in some place super happy. Call me a realist, but I'm not following. Just a thought. I also sang with about 400 other college aged kids tonight and we were singing  with those bees flying right out the back of our heads.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bag Lady

This blog is coming to you live from my dorm room.
I mean...
This is my first blog post Christmas break. It is three days into school here at OC and so far I have read two strange scientific/philosophy writings, one quiz over said writings, began a chapter of Chem Is Try, dropped one class, been a part of thoughtful discussion over the Renaissance and other related topics, and a menagerie of other events that are school related. You know, no big deal.
I went to good ole' St. Louis over the break. I don't have many pictures to show other than this one.
That is Kelsea Smith and Shane McFarlin
We did a lot of really exciting St. Louis related things, but sadly this is all I have to show for it. They look great though, am I right?
I also went to goodwill with a few friends (a common sight) and bought the skirt you can see pictured below. However, my roommate (also pictured below) claims it makes me look a bit down and out, if you know what I mean, so I accentuated what any destitute person might accentuate with.
If only I was sitting on a park bench with perhaps some pigeons and bread crumbs.
This is my roommate and I. She is awesome, except she turned the heat off a few nights ago and I woke up sick. You may notice some shiny/greasy skin around my nose. Do not be alarmed as it is merely Vicks Vapor Rub. (I hope my product mention makes me some sort of profit)
Speaking of no heat, on my way back to school this past Sunday I had to pull off the road because it was BLIZZARDING. So alone, female, and afraid I found the nearest hotel to check into and ended up in a room by myself at a Best Western in Van Buren, Arkansas. Although I missed the first day of classes, it was somewhat fun. It was a funny story at the very least. 
The break was wonderful, but now I am back to my own reality (or at least as much reality as I can achieve here at OC). What is anything?
K. Jack