Thursday, December 1, 2011

Double the List

This blog is coming to my dear sweet readers from: THE UCO LIBRARY YA'LL.

To my adoring fans (I have always wanted to address you as that)
I won't apologize for having zero posts between September and now ( I AM SO SORRY, I WISH I COULD WRITE YOU, I HATE THAT I DIDN'T, PLEASE FORGIVE ME). In other news, sometimes people write things in parentheses that don't really count towards what they are actually trying to say.

Since September I have eaten a couple of times, slept a few nights, and studied for Organic Chemistry and stuff. So knock knock...who is there...I have missed blogging

When I was in Panama this past summer, many of the teenage kids I hung out with wanted me to open them a Facebook page. The following is a list of the reasons why it was a bad idea that I even tried to:
1. They don't have electricity in their homes
2. They don't have regular access to a computer
3. They don't have an e-mail address
4. None of their friends have any of the above
5. You have to have all of the above to have a Facebook
6. Now my google account is under the spanish name "Hillarye Torrero" because I tried to make Hillarye Torrero a profile and now I can't figure out how to switch my google email back to be under my name, "Katelyn Jackson"

Because of those aforementioned things, I was stupid to have tried. So it's name isn't Hillarye you know?

I am feeling in a list-y kind of mood right now, so I'm gonna throw down another list.
1. It is Christmas time
2. So I am feeling just fine
3. I'm just staying on my grind
4. So I don't fall behind
5. Haha #1-4 was a poem 
6. I cannot bring myself to listen to anything other than Christmas music until December 25th
7. But I am liking it
8. I am just putting everything in list form so I can use sentence fragments
9. Fragments seem to be funnier
10. People like the fragments because they are kind of snappy and quick
11. Like a nice quick wit
12. Luckily I got some really good Christmas music to enjoy this season
13. I have them on my iTunes in a playlist entitled "Christmas Jamzz"
14. Today while I was making a sandwich in the panini maker at school someone caught me making sound affects for the no-stick spray as I was applying it to the hot griddle.
15. It was like a little high pitched laugh/whoosh when I made it spray. 
16. I really need to studying but I feel weird leaving this at only 16 things. I'll give you 20
17. I am going to be a youth intern next summer
18. My birthday is December 18th.
19. My favorite food is any type of finger food.
20. Merry Christmas

Thank you so much for reading this, it means a lot that you did.
God bless your day!

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